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Minority Report Review


With retina-scanner security and holo-projection screens they still have to sneakernet the drivers license information from one computer to the other. I mean, the plexiglass file storage devices look cool but they just don't make any sense. This is a problem I have with alot of movies. The filmmakers try so hard to make the computers look cool without having any idea of how they work.

The convenient DUDE hanging around the Precrime offices. His only purpose seems to be so they have a way to verbalize what's happening in the opening scene because we're too stupid to figure it out ourselves. I guess he also serves as a suspect for the whodunnit. Fucking clumsy plot device.

Speilberg directed it, so you know there's going to be a honey-dripping happy ending following the ultra-tight focus group generated lowest common denominator story.

Tom Cruise's tagline is so cool, the script writers thought, he gets to say it not once, not twice, but three times. "Everybody runs" indeed.

The fucking annoying overexposed flourescent lighting throughout most of the film. Does the sun turn blue in 50 years?

What's with the laser-carved wooden balls? Is is supposed to be some kind of metaphor for the lottery? Bingo? Stupid stupid stupid.

Enough product placement to choke a horse.

What I liked

The eye transplant scene was effectively creepy and disgusting. It's almost as if somebody else, far detached from the rest of the script, wrote this scene.

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