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I think I'm going to pop.

Last week, I figured my budget was so fucked for 2002 that I might as well order some music gear and computer upgrades.

My upgrades arrived today. I got:

1 AMD Athlon 1.1Ghz processor.
2 512mb PC133 SDRAM
1 Soundblaster Live! sound card

I get home, filled with new computer gear joy. The Plan:

Replace my Duron 700 with the Athlon
Replace the memory in the Athlon with the new ~1Gb
Move the old SBLive from the K6-2 box to the Athlon box
Put the new SBLive into the K6-2 box
Use the memory pilfered from the Athlon box to do a 3x upgrade to the K6-2 box.

I yank the boxes apart. I toss circuit boards hither and thither. I end up soldering a custom CD-ROM -> soundcard cable because these companies can't decide on a fucking standard connector for right, left, and ground.

I am shaking with anticipation as I plug in the K6-2 system with it's new soundcard and it's 384mb of RAM. I hit the power button. Fans come on (good). No video (bad). Beep...beep...beep from the motherboard (fucking hell). I figure this motherboard is pickier about it's memory configuration. I decide to forgo troubleshooting preferring, instead, to fire up my blazing, shiny new Athlon.

I make the connections and and hit the power button. Fans come on (good god damn those fans are loud with the cover off). Video comes on (good). Wait for the bios to detect the new memory and processor. Wait some more. And still I wait. I try banging on some keys to get into the bios setup. Keyboard is unresponsive. I figure I must have put the fan on wrong or something and the processor is overheating. I decide to turn the machine off and doublecheck everything. I hit the power button. This is when I start to notice a burning smell. This is not a welcome smell during computer upgrades. I take the cards back out and peel back the motherboard. I take the fan off. Ok...it looks like the copper shim I was using is too big preventing the heatsink/fan from making contact with the processor. Then I look to the right. Fucking transistors and diodes and shit got so hot they broke free from their solder and slid down the board. This is the second time this has happened with an FIC AZ11 motherboard. It'll be a cold day in hell before I consider buying another FIC board. It's pretty obvious that the motherboard is fucked. I just hope the processor isn't baked. I guess it doesn't matter. A new motherboard is going to cost double what I paid for the processor.

So, here I am. My two main systems are tits up. Looks like I'm going to be fucking up my 2003 budget already.

Oh, yeah. I'm sick too. I have some kind of problem with my lungs. I hope it's not pneumonia again.

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