Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

I'm still sick. Sicker than before. I've got this paralyzing white-hot pain in my throat. I went to see my doctor today. The man is a true healer. I always start feeling better as soon as I shake his hand and look into his hypnotic, healing eyes. He tested me for strepthroat. The test was negative as it was two days ago. What he told me (and the other doctor didn't) is that the test only checks for Type A strepthroat.

Dr. Koh: "Now we have a couple of options from here. We can order tests of the other types of strepthroat to be sent to the lab or we can trust my diagnostic expertise and say 'screw it, let's treat it'."

Me: "Screw it, let's treat it."

Dr. Koh: "Ok now this brings us to yet another set of options. I can write you a prescription that you have to take once a day for five days or you can get a shot in the ass. I know you hate pills but if it was me making the descision I'd go for the pills because they cut a much wider path. The pills will kill any bug ya got."

Me: "Doc, you've never steered me wrong. I'll go for the pills."

Those are direct quotes. He really said "screw it" and "shot in the ass". *sigh* I love my Doctor.

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