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For some reason, I ran out of money. I think it's because I was going out to eat for lunch every day. That'll really dry up the money in a hurry. So I'm poor. I refinanced the car so I could miss a car payment without penalty. The extra money will help, plus, I got almost a 2% better interest rate.

I took Claus to get neutered on Tuesday. He had to spend the night because there were some complications caused by the size of his testicles. He's pretty bruised up and doesn't seem like the same dog. It's heartbreaking seeing my baby in pain. He also has to wear one of those white cone collars. The poor guy is miserable.

I played my drums for awhile the other night. It was fun.

My wife's been giving it up alot more than usual. I'm loving it.

I'm not looking forward to next week. Corinne is getting her bottom wisdom teeth out and I get to play nurse. At least I get to miss some work.

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