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Yesterday: Did alot of shopping; still gots more to do. I always forget something. I watched a couple of movies last night.

  • One Hour Photo: I liked it alot. It was dark and sad and creepy. The feel of it reminded me of The Man Who Wasn't There. Does that make it noir? How the fuck does one pronounce noir? Anyway, it was alot better than I thought it was going to be. Robin Williams was a more convincing "bad guy" in this than in Insomnia. And Lumberg as the boss was a nice touch :)

  • Formula 51: Eh... I can't tell whether I liked it or not. With a cast including Sam Jackson, Robert "Begbie" Carlyle, and Meat Loaf it should've fucking rocked. I don't think it quite rocked. There were some good parts. I think the problem was that the story went too quickly. By the time you figure out what's going on, most of the movie is over. But, at the same time, it would've been really boring if they had spent more time filling out the story. So I guess what I'm saying is the story kind of sucked. I think I would've like the movie more if there had been nudity or something. I don't know...I'll watch it one more time to see if it grows on me.

Anyway, today I am dowloading the original Grand Theft Auto. I've heard it is a fun game. Later I'm going to drive to Northgate to buy my Ministry tickets. I've got a few more groceries to pick up.

Corinne and I got into a cute little fight this morning. She asked me to hold the doors for her while she carried a TV out to the car. I stood by the door for a couple of minutes and she never showed up with the TV. So I went back to wasting time on the web. A few minutes later she was mad at me for wasting time on the web when I was supposed to be holding the door for her. I told her that when I saw her walking toward the door packing a TV, I'd get the door for her. She was not amused. Her face got all red like it does when she is filled with rage. Oh well. That's about as bad as our fights get.

As time goes on, I realize what a mistake it is that I haven't bought The Salton Sea yet. "I've heard people say some crazy stuff when they're sportin' badger food for a pecker."

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