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I noticed, this morning, as I was preparing my lunch a large paragraph on the back of my bag of croutons. It was a lengthy history and masturbatory write-up about the crouton company. Who the hell gets excited about croutons? I mean...they're good and everything but I can't think of one situation where I'd be going "Gee, I'd sure like to round out my knowlege of crouton companies." Maybe it's just me.

On a side note...I don't enjoy massage. Therefore I don't enjoy giving massage. I can understand on a shallow level that people enjoy getting their flesh squeezed and pressed and twisted for hours on end but I can't seem to understand it enough to provide the service. It's like sex. If I didn't get any enjoyment out of sex, I would probably not provide sex very often. Even if I knew my partner loved it more than anything I would feel as though I was doing all the work for none of the pleasure. Since I do enjoy sex, I'll occasionally provide the service even though I'm not in the mood because I know from experience how good it is. This is not so with massage. Maybe if I got a good blowjob everytime I gave a massage I'd give more of them.

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