Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday began with much yardwork. Later on, the arys and Don came over for drunken debauchery. We played with the kids awhile and then, after the kids were in bed, we watched a couple of movies. First, we watched Old School. I laughed my fucking ass off. Will Ferrell is a madman. Next we watched Waking the Dead. Despite crying through nearly the entire movie (I'm a very sappy drunk) I really liked it. This movie convinced me that Jennifer Connelly is one of the most important American actresses right now. She's been taking some bold risks lately and it adds to her appeal. This movie showed female desire and sexuality without apologizing. It was refreshing. The story is pretty stupid but the acting is superb.

Most of Sunday was spent recovering. I did manage to roll my ankle while descending the stairs on my way to finish a yard project. I got to spend some cuddle time with my wife. That was nice. She's so beautiful.

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