Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

Have I ever mentioned that I hate marketers? Two nights ago I dreamed I was in The Incredible Hulk. I haven't even seen the movie. I don't want to see the movie. But here I am dreaming about it. It was a pretty cool dream, though. Scary.

I had my first contested speeding ticket hearing yesterday. The judge was quite full of himself and was a bit of a prick. I asked what date the officer's report was filed with the court. The judge said, "I could spend the time to find it on here but, as the lawyers present can attest, I never dismiss based on filing date." I called bullshit. I pointed out that it clearly states in the IRLJ, Title 2, Rule 2.2 that "The notice must be filed within two days of issuance of the notice...A notice of infraction not filed within the time limits of this section may be dismissed without prejudice." He said the key word there was "may". Dick. Anyway after explaining what happened and that my driving record is clean he deferred for a year if I agreed to pay a $65 administration fee. *shrug*

I went shopping and spent about $600 I don't have. I got new shoes and sunglasses at REI. Then I went to Guitar Center and got some patch cables and a microphone stand. Then off to Costco to get some groceries. I also got a table for my DAW, some shelves for the garage to make room for the table, and a dolly to move the fireplace so I could put the shelves where the fireplace was.

The rest of the day was spent rearranging the garage to make room for my expanding music studio. I ripped the cabinet off the wall and stashed that out of the way. I moved the fireplace to the space underneath my firewall, hubs, and patch panel. I erected the steel shelves and set up the table. Finally I cut down all the cardboard and swept the garage. I'll take pictures of the New and Improved studio whenever I get around to it.

Morningwood Cemetary is getting closer. All I need to do is get a sequencer, a synth, and a multi-track recorder working on a computer and I'll be in business.

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