Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

Ugh. Yesterday...

violet_rain and kyle decided to go to Pike's Place yesterday. I played hooky and went with them. We ate at Chang's on Broadway and shopped for what seemed forever at Metro. We couldn't take kyle out looking like that ;)

Then we went downtown and wasted some time doing touristy stuff at the Market.

When we got home, we ate delicious falafil prepared by the beautiful and talented violet_rain. kyle and I then drove to The Rez to get some fireworks. On the way back we decided to "stop" at Razzal's. kyle had some weird desire to see how much beer my body could hold. We found out it was just over a pitcher of Mac n Jack's. I might have been able to drink more beer except for the shot of Jack and the foul-tasting Touchdown recommended to us by our enibriated pool table neighbors.

Speaking of our pool table neighbors, they were an interesting bunch. We began our short relationship when one of the ladies asked if I thought the other patrons would mind if she played some music. I said I didn't know but, since there was a Mariners game on the TVs, they probably would. I told her if it was up to me she could play music because I don't care fuck all for sports. Had I known then what kind of music she was going to play I mightn't have encouraged her. The lady that I talked to had a really nice body but that's all. As the night proceeded I found out she was 30 and going through a divorce. From her appearance, I'd say she was also involved in some kind of bottle-tan study gone awry. The fake tan combined with the smokers' wrinkles made her skin look leathery. Her curly blonde hair was too much of a contrast. The other lady was better looking. Her body wasn't as nice but she had a really attractive face. Anyway, these two were fucking trashed; they got cut off soon after arriving. The only reason I mention them is because they were groping each other once in awhile. I also witnessed them deep-kissing. That's quality entertainment.

I don't really remember when or how I got home. Kyle must've driven us. I remember him helping me take my contacts out. I remember showing him where Mars was. I remember him trying to prevent me from lighting fireworks at 2 am. I remember him forcing me to drink a lot of water.

I'm surprised I didn't yark.

I woke up with a baaad headache. Probably from the habanero poppers I ate.

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