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The web has degenerated into the modern equivalent of walking up to a large dead thing and poking it with a stick.

I sorta got my video capture working. I'm just trying to figure out how to script it. There is a Perl module for doing it. Time to dust off the Perl books. I also figured out why my usb keychain drive wasn't working on my Athlon box. Silly me, I didn't have scsi disk support built into the kernel.

I also changed all of my partitions to ext3. The idea came to me during my exploration of the usb underbelly of the system. Upon shutdown something was broken and it wouldn't shutdown correctly so I had to hard IPL that bitch. When I started it back up I had to sit through e2fsck on a 20gb drive.

I think I've compiled my kernel 6 times in as many days. Time to watch some porn.

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