Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

Are hobbies supposed to be frustrating to the point of unhealthy stress? I think I give up on my dream of recording music using open source software. But where does this leave me? Microsoft is against my religion. Apple is against my budget. Music hardware is even more expensive than G5's. Fuck it.

Until I find a hard drive recorder I can afford (no I won't consider DAT or cassette), I'm just going to focus on getting really good at using the sequencer and instruments in my TD-10 however limited they may be. It's always possible that I'm just using the excuse that I can't record to avoid real real work. Shit...I could practice straight drumming even though that's not exactly what I have in mind to do. If people want to hear my shit, they gotta come and sit on patio furniture in my garage:) Yeah...that'll happen.

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