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We've been without Stanley Kubrick for 9 years.
New Moon.
Sold-out Clutch concert at the Showbox.
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This morning my boss asked my why I came in at midnight. I told him that since I don't get paid vacations I have to be creative. I have short-term disability insurance so if I get hospitalized for exhaustion it'll be just like a paid vacation with free drugs.

By the way, I'm looking for a different job again. Let me know.

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It came to me as most good ideas do. Suddenly and completely. After having the idea hit me on the forehead it seemed obvious and I felt stupid for not having come up with it earlier.

I've been trying to think of an after-school, team activity that I can get Phoenix involved in so he has a positive outlet for his energy and frustration.

At first I was thinking tai kwon do, but you don't really get a lot of exercise until you've got a few belts under your....belt. Not really team-y enough either. Plus he probably wouldn't be into it unless I joined with him. And I'm not really into it.

His teacher suggested soccer. I've been avoiding soccer because most soccer people are douches and I don't think violet_rain would ever live down the shameful "soccer mom" label.

I don't even remember the context or the catalyst. These were forgotten in the eureka moment when hockey came into my head. Hockey. Now there's something I can sink my teeth into.

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Last night I took the family out to dinner at IHOP after Jade's basketball game. The table across from us was occupied by mormons. They kept harassing the waitstaff trying to engage them in conversations. "Do you go to church?" "Have you heard the word of God?" And when the poor waitress was finally able to get away (her supervisor saw what was happening and called her away to save her) they were having a self-righteous contest amongst themselves.

I almost wished they would've tried to strike up a conversation with me.